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If you found something online that might be dangerous for a child or adolescent, REPORTING IT is the first step of eliminating the content. We encourage you to write to us and our team will make sure that the information reaches the appropriate institution or law enforcement office that is equipped to investigate and intervene.
Please bear in mind that completing your personal data in the form is optional. This data helps us to ask for further information in case this is necessary. Persons who report content will not be considered suspects regarding the content they have reported.

What time of content can I report?

These are the types of contents that together, we can eliminate from the Internet.

Illegal content:

  • Materials, either photo or video, that depict child sexual abuse: the production, offering or making available, distribution, procurement for oneself or others of child pornography, and possession of such material on any storage medium is illegal;
  • Adult pornography accessible to minors;
  • Instigation to discrimination & Hate speech;
  • Spam (Any form of unsolicited communication).

Harmful content:

  • Materials that depict child nudity;
  • Materials that depict violence (attack, rape, cruelty towards other humans or animals, torture, killings etc.);
  • Materials that depict vulgar language (profanity, swearing, vulgarities, obscenities);
  • Materials that encourage vicious behaviour (description and use of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, weapons, gambling);
  • Materials whose content may induce feelings of fear, intimidation, horror or psychological terror;
  • Materials whose content presents or incites discrimination or injury to a person based on their age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or nationality.

If you don’t want to use the form provided on this page, you can tell us about what happened on as well.

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Do you agree with the transmission of your personal data to law enforcement or other structures authorized to intervene in the investigation of the notification?

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Please bear in mind that Save the Children Romania or the Ora de Net programme do not encourage or endorse the search for child pornography content on the Internet.
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If you came here and have nothing to report, but you are confused or want to know more about internet safety, ask the specialists from Ora de net.

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